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7.1.4) Predict the consequences of engaging in unhealthy behaviors.

a. Discuss ways to prevent obesity.

b. Determine health risks associated with body piercings or tattoos.

[HE] (7) 6 :
7.2.1) Describe how family values and behaviors influence the health of adolescents.

Examples: eating family meals daily, participating in physical activity, practicing open communication

[HE] (7) 17 :
7.5.2) Analyze healthy alternatives over unhealthy alternatives when making decisions.

Examples: eating regular meals vs. skipping meals, choosing healthy snacks vs. junk food, getting proper exercise vs. too much screen time

[HE] (8) 4 :
8.1.4) Analyze the relationship between engaging in regular physical activity and healthy eating as ways to improve personal health.

[HE] (8) 21 :
8.7.2) Document healthy practices and behaviors that will improve the health of self and others.

Example: maintaining a personal health journal

[HE] (8) 22 :
8.8.1) Demonstrate ways to influence and support others in making positive health choices.

Examples: public service announcements, persuasive writing, YouTube videos, skits

Subject: Health Education (7 - 8)
Title: Balance: What's Good

Go shopping with chef Won Kim as he dishes on selecting affordable ingredients that can come together to make a complete, healthy meal. A balanced lifestyle makes room for the exercise, nutrition, and sleep that keep our minds sharp and our bodies strong. Learn the basic science of balance and get excited to make a homemade meal with your kids.

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