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2. Fluently add and subtract within 20 using mental strategies such as counting on, making ten, decomposing a number leading to ten, using the relationship between addition and subtraction, and creating equivalent but easier or known sums.

a. State automatically all sums of two one-digit numbers.
[MA2019] (3) 1 :
1. Illustrate the product of two whole numbers as equal groups by identifying the number of groups and the number in each group and represent as a written expression.

[MA2019] (3) 2 :
2. Illustrate and interpret the quotient of two whole numbers as the number of objects in each group or the number of groups when the whole is partitioned into equal shares.

Subject: Mathematics (2 - 3)
Title: Math Race Mania

The game from the STEM Video Game Challenge will help students with learning basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

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