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   View Standards     Standard(s): [MA2019] (4) 1 :
1. Interpret and write equations for multiplicative comparisons.

[MA2019] (4) 2 :
2. Solve word problems involving multiplicative comparison using drawings and write equations to represent the problem, using a symbol for the unknown number.

[MA2019] (4) 3 :
3. Determine and justify solutions for multi-step word problems, including problems where remainders must be interpreted.

a. Write equations to show solutions for multi-step word problems with a letter standing for the unknown quantity.

b. Determine reasonableness of answers for multi-step word problems, using mental computation and estimation strategies including rounding.

[MA2019] (4) 11 :
11. Find the product of two factors (up to four digits by a one-digit number and two two-digit numbers), using strategies based on place value and the properties of operations.

a. Illustrate and explain the product of two factors using equations, rectangular arrays, and area models.
Subject: Mathematics (4)
Title: Grade 4 Mathematics Module 3, Topic D: Multiplication Word Problems

Module 3, Topic D gives students the opportunity to apply their new multiplication skills (4.NBT.5). In Lesson 12, students extend their work with multiplicative comparison from Topic A to solve real-world problems (4.OA.2). As shown on the next page, students use a combination of addition, subtraction, and multiplication to solve multi-step problems in Lesson 13 (4.OA.3)

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