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32. Use mathematical and statistical reasoning with bivariate categorical data in order to draw conclusions and assess risk.

Example: In a clinical trial comparing the effectiveness of flu shots A and B, 21 subjects in treatment group A avoided getting the flu while 29 contracted it. In group B, 12 avoided the flu while 13 contracted it. Discuss which flu shot appears to be more effective in reducing the chances of contracting the flu.
Possible answer: Even though more people in group A avoided the flu than in group B, the proportion of people avoiding the flu in group B is greater than the proportion in group A, which suggests that treatment B may be more effective in lowering the risk of getting the flu.

  Contracted Flu Did Not Contract Flu
Flu Shot A 29 21
Flu Shot B 13 12
Total 42 32
Subject: Mathematics (9 - 12)
Title: Categorical Data Example

This video introduces students to the concept of bivariate categorical data. There are self-checking practice problems related to two-way frequency tables available.

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