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ALEX Classroom Resources  
   View Standards     Standard(s): [MA2019] AL1-19 (9-12) 39 :
39. Compute the conditional probability of event A given event B, using two-way tables or tree diagrams.
[MA2019] FM-19 (9-12) 6 :
6. Use multiple representations and methods for counting objects and developing more efficient counting techniques.
Note: Representations and methods may include tree diagrams, lists, manipulatives, overcounting methods, recursive patterns, and explicit formulas.
[MA2019] FM-19 (9-12) 7 :
7. Develop and use the Fundamental Counting Principle for counting independent and dependent events.

a. Use various counting models (including tree diagrams and lists) to identify the distinguishing factors of a context in which the Fundamental Counting Principle can be applied.

Example: Apply the Fundamental Counting Principle in a context that can be represented by a tree diagram in which there are the same number of branches from each node at each level of the tree.
Subject: Mathematics (9 - 12)
Title: Count Outcomes Using Tree Diagram

Tree diagrams display all the possible outcomes of an event. Each branch in a tree diagram represents a possible outcome. Tree diagrams can be used to find the number of possible outcomes and calculate the probability of possible outcomes.

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