Sudden Cardiac Arrest: When Seconds Count

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Sudden Cardiac Arrest: When Seconds Count


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Sudden cardiac arrest is the leading cause of sudden death among youth athletes. It primarily targets athletes whose sport causes an elevated heart rate (football, basketball, soccer, track, etc.). While some exhibit warning signs such as fatigue and shortness of breath, for many people the first indication of a heart problem is cardiac arrest.  This video also contains support resources to help teachers to check for understanding.

This alignment results from the ALEX Health/PE COS Resource Alignment Summit.

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Health Education
HE (2019)
Grade: 9-12
Health Education
HE.1.4) Propose ways to prevent, reduce, and treat injuries and other health problems.

a. Determine when professional health services may be required for injury or disease.

b. Perform CPR, AED techniques, and First Aid procedures, including the principles of RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation).

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