What Is HIV?

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What Is HIV?



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This resource is a website that has toolkits, lesson plans, promotional materials, and other resources to help educators teach the severity of injury or illness if engaging in unhealthy behaviors, such as sexual activity. The lesson plan for teaching the progressiveness of HIV can be found by scrolling midway down the page to "What is HIV?" Click on the "Read More" button and you will be directed to a lesson plan.

The objectives of the lesson plan are to:

  • Define STDs and HIV.
  • Name at least three common STDs and how they are transmitted.
  • Compare sexual behaviors that put people at high, low or no risk for STDs.

This alignment results from the ALEX Health/PE COS Resource Alignment Summit.

Content Standard(s):
Health Education
HE (2019)
Grade: 9-12
Health Education
HE.1.7) Analyze the potential susceptibility to and severity of injury or illness if engaging in unhealthy behaviors.

Examples: possible consequences of driving under the influence, distracted driving, not taking required medications

a. Explain the progression of HIV and AIDS.

b. Explain the progression of Type II diabetes.

Tags: Health Education, HIV, STDs, Unhealthy Behaviors
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Partnered Event: Health/PE COS Summit
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Estimated Class Time: 60 Minutes

Materials Needed:

  • Laptop or desktop computer with internet access
  • Interactive Projector
  • Half-size sheets of paper, three for every student.
  • Green, yellow, and red markers or colored pencils, one set for each group of four to five students
  • Whiteboard and markers
  • Speakers to project sound from videos
  • Handouts for students

This lesson plan has a lot of information that can be modified to fit your needs as a health teacher. Some of the languages could be uncomfortable to students, you can omit those languages from the lesson.

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