You Won't Believe This!

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You Won't Believe This!


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The internet is full of catchy headlines and outrageous images, all to make us curious and get our attention. But kids don't usually realize: What you click on isn't always what you get. Show your students the best ways to avoid clickbait online.

Students will be able to:
  • Define "the curiosity gap."
  • Explain how clickbait uses the curiosity gap to get your attention.
  • Use strategies for avoiding clickbait.

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Content Standard(s):
Digital Literacy and Computer Science
DLIT (2018)
Grade: 5
10) Identify appropriate and inappropriate uses of communication technology and discuss the permanence of actions in the digital world.

Digital Literacy and Computer Science
DLIT (2018)
Grade: 5
12) Explain the different forms of web advertising and why websites, digital resources, and artifacts may include advertisements that may collect personal information.

Examples: personalized web experiences based on tailored web searches, maintaining search history, quicker access to relevant information.

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