One Boy's Online Tragedy

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One Boy's Online Tragedy


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While some people turn to social networks and texting as an opportunity to open up and be themselves, others are looking for targets. In this video segment from FRONTLINE: "Digital Nation," learn about Ryan Halligan, the victim of a vicious cyberbullying campaign. After Ryan committed suicide, his father, John, went on Ryan's computer to search for answers. As Ryan's friends opened up online to John, he learned about the taunting that his son endured both at school and online. This video comes with discussion questions.

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Digital Literacy and Computer Science
DLIT (2018)
Grade: 9-12
11) Model and demonstrate behaviors that are safe, legal, and ethical while living, learning, and working in an interconnected digital world.

a. Recognize user tracking methods and hazards.

Examples: Cookies, WiFi packet sniffing.

b. Understand how to apply techniques to mitigate effects of user tracking methods.

c. Understand the ramifications of end-user license agreements and terms of service associated with granting rights to personal data and media to other entities.

d. Explain the relationship between online privacy and personal security.

Examples: Convenience and accessibility, data mining, digital marketing, online wallets, theft of personal information.

e. Identify physical, legal, and ethical consequences of inappropriate digital behaviors.

Examples: Cyberbullying/harassment, inappropriate sexual communications.

f. Explain strategies to lessen the impact of negative digital behaviors and assess when to apply them.

Tags: bullying, cyberbullying, digital tools, internet, online
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