Crisis of Nations

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Crisis of Nations


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In this interactive game from iCivics, students take the helm of their own country and work together with others to solve international problems. Students determine the appropriate course of action in diplomacy, evaluate domestic and international interdependence, explain how countries cooperate to achieve mutual goals and manage national resources during times of international crisis. This game can be played when teaching a lesson on territorial conflicts for reinforcement or after as an assessment.

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Content Standard(s):
Social Studies
SS2010 (2010)
Grade: 7
8 ) Determine political, military, cultural, and economic forces that contribute to cooperation and conflict among people.

•  Identifying political boundaries based on physical and human systems
Examples: physical—rivers as boundaries between counties

human—streets as boundaries between local government units

•  Identifying effects of cooperation among countries in controlling territories
Examples: Great Lakes environmental management by United States and Canada, United Nations (UN) Heritage sites and host countries, Antarctic Treaty on scientific research

•  Describing the eruption of territorial conflicts over borders, resources, land use, and ethnic and nationalistic identity
Examples: India and Pakistan conflict over Jammu and Kashmir, the West Bank, the Sudan, Somalia piracy, ocean fishing and mineral rights, local land-use disputes

Social Studies
SS2010 (2010)
Grade: 12
United States Government
15 ) Explain the role and consequences of domestic and foreign policy decisions, including scientific and technological advancements and humanitarian, cultural, economic, and political changes.

Examples: isolationism versus internationalism, policy of containment, policy of détente, multilateralism, war on terrorism

•  Evaluating financial, political, and social costs of national security

Alabama Alternate Achievement Standards
AAS Standard:
SS.USG.AAS.12.15- Define and contrast domestic policy and foreign policy and recognize examples of each.

Tags: foreign policy, territorial conflicts
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