September 11th

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September 11th


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Khan Academy
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This article from Khan Academy provides an overview of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon which resulted in the United States' declaration of a Global War on Terror. Students can read the article and answer the questions at the end as an assessment. The article can be assigned through Google Classroom.

Content Standard(s):
Social Studies
SS2010 (2010)
Grade: 11
United States History II: The Industrial Revolution to the Present
16 ) Describe significant foreign and domestic issues of presidential administrations from Richard M. Nixon to the present. [A.1.a., A.1.b., A.1.c., A.1.d., A.1.e., A.1.g., A.1.h., A.1.i., A.1.k.]

Examples: Nixon's policy of détente; Cambodia; Watergate scandal; pardon of Nixon; Iranian hostage situation; Reaganomics; Libyan crisis; end of the Cold War; Persian Gulf War; impeachment trial of William "Bill" Clinton; terrorist attack of September 11, 2001; Operation Iraqi Freedom; war in Afghanistan; election of the first African-American president, Barack Obama; terrorism; global warming; immigration

Alabama Alternate Achievement Standards
AAS Standard:
SS.AAS.11.16- Recognize significant foreign and domestic issues since the 1970s.
SS.AAS.11.16a - List significant domestic policies and issues of presidential administration from Richard Nixon to Present including Watergate, "Reaganomics," Clinton Impeachment, Homeland Security, No Child Left Behind (NCLB).
SS.AAS.11.16b - List significant foreign events and issues during the presidential administrations from Richard Nixon to Present including Détente, Iranian Hostage Crisis, Fall of the Soviet Unio

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