Is Your Social Status Making You Sick?

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Is Your Social Status Making You Sick?


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Financial inequality has been in the news a lot recently. It was the rallying cry for the Occupy Wall Street movement that began back in 2011, and it was at the center of Bernie Sanders’ campaign when he ran for president. This inequality creates what is typically called a social status ladder, with rich people at the top and poorer people toward the bottom. Research shows that your position on the ladder is actually one of the most powerful predictors of health. But it’s so much more than just how much money you have or how fancy your education is. It’s how you feel you compare to other people -- your subjective social status.

Content Standard(s):
Health Education
HE (2019)
Grade: 6
6.1.1) Describe the interrelationship between social and emotional health in adolescence.

a. . Identify how positive relationships can enhance each dimension of health.

b. Explain how stress can affect personal health.

Health Education
HE (2019)
Grade: 9-12
Health Education
HE.1.2) Describe the interrelationships of emotional, mental, physical, social, spiritual, and environmental health.

a. Identify symptoms and methods of treatment of mental health disorders, including depression, and stress.

b. Identify warning signs and prevention strategies for suicide.

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