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Division of Decimals StudyJam



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In this interactive activity, students will be led through steps to divide decimals. There are teaching activities as well as practice activities available. A handout that reviews the steps taught during the activity can be printed. After utilizing this resource, the students can complete the short quiz to assess their understanding.

Content Standard(s):
MA2019 (2019)
Grade: 4
22. Use the four operations to solve measurement word problems with distance, intervals of time, liquid volume, mass of objects, and money.

a. Solve measurement problems involving simple fractions or decimals.

b. Solve measurement problems that require expressing measurements given in a larger unit in terms of a smaller unit.

c. Represent measurement quantities using diagrams such as number line diagrams that feature a measurement scale.

Alabama Alternate Achievement Standards
AAS Standard:
M.AAS.4.22 Using vocalization, sign language, augmentative communication, or assistive technology, tell time on a digital and analog clock (to the hour, half-hour, quarter hour).
M.AAS.4.22a Measure mass, volume, or lengths of an object when given a measurement tool.
M.AAS.4.22b Using vocalization, sign language, augmentative communication, or assistive technology, identify and determine the value of penny, nickel, dime, and quarter.

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The quiz may be completed as a whole group or independently on student devices.

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