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Igneous Rocks StudyJam



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Igneous rock forms from melted rock (magma). Magma exists inside the earth’s surface, and it becomes lava when it is released through a volcanic eruption. When it cools, that is when it becomes igneous rock.

The classroom resource provides a slide show that will describe how igneous rocks are formed during the rock cycle. There is a karaoke song that students can learn to help them remember the steps in the rock cycle process. There is also a short test that can be used to assess students' understanding. Students can use the information presented in this slide show to plan their own investigations.

Content Standard(s):
SC2015 (2015)
Grade: 6
Earth and Space Science
8 ) Plan and carry out investigations that demonstrate the chemical and physical processes that form rocks and cycle Earth's materials (e.g., processes of crystallization, heating and cooling, weathering, deformation, and sedimentation).

Alabama Alternate Achievement Standards
AAS Standard:
SCI.AAS.6.8- Identify the physical process (sedimentation, heat and pressure, weathering, cooling) that results in the formation of rocks; use a model to demonstrate the rock cycle.

Tags: extrusive rock, igneous rock, intrusive rock, lava, magma, rock cycle, rocks
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The test may be completed as a whole group or independently on student devices. 

There are printable lyrics available for the karaoke song. 

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