Clouds and Precipitation StudyJam

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Clouds and Precipitation StudyJam


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Clouds are made of water vapor and dust. When the water gets too heavy, it falls back to the Earth. Clouds are named according to their location and shape, such as cumulus, or puffy, stratus, or blanketed, and cirrus, or high and cold.

The classroom resource provides a slide show that will describe how clouds are formed and how precipitation is created. This resource can provide background information for students before they create their own models. There is also a short test that can be used to assess students' understanding.

Content Standard(s):
SC2015 (2015)
Grade: 5
14 ) Use a model to represent how any two systems, specifically the atmosphere, biosphere, geosphere, and/or hydrosphere, interact and support life (e.g., influence of the ocean on ecosystems, landform shape, and climate; influence of the atmosphere on landforms and ecosystems through weather and climate; influence of mountain ranges on winds and clouds in the atmosphere).

Alabama Alternate Achievement Standards
AAS Standard:
SCI.AAS.5.14- Identify how the atmosphere and hydrosphere interact to support life (e.g. air, water).

Tags: cirrus, clouds, cumulus, meteorologist, precipitation, stratus, weather
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The test may be completed as a whole group or independently on student devices. 

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