The Renaissance: Was It a Thing?/Crash Course World History

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The Renaissance: Was It a Thing?/Crash Course World History


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John Green teaches you about the European Renaissance. European learning changed the world in the 15th and 16th centuries, but was it a cultural revolution, or an evolution? We'd argue that any cultural shift that occurs over a couple of hundred years isn't too overwhelming to the people who live through it. In retrospect though, the cultural bloom in Europe during this time was pretty impressive. In addition to investigating what caused the Renaissance and who benefitted from the changes that occurred, John will tell you just how the Ninja Turtles got mixed up in all this.

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Content Standard(s):
Social Studies
SS2010 (2010)
Grade: 9
World History: 1500 to the Present
1 ) Describe developments in Italy and Northern Europe during the Renaissance period with respect to humanism, arts and literature, intellectual development, increased trade, and advances in technology.

Alabama Alternate Achievement Standards
AAS Standard:
SS.AAS.9.1- Define Renaissance; recognize art, music, and literature as cultural characteristics of the Renaissance.
SS.AAS.9.1a - Define humanism.
SS.AAS.9.1b - List the advances in technology that led to increased trade. Example the printing press.

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