Latino Arts, Beats, and Culture

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Latino Arts, Beats, and Culture


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This interactive hands-on set of activities is perfect for introducing elementary-aged students to Latino culture through music. It is also a perfect activity for Hispanic Heritage Month. The link provides an English handout that offers a variety of hands-on activities including a glossary of music-related vocabulary and Latino music styles, directions for making a pan flute out of straws, information about Selena and Celia Cruz, and activities that connect math to Latino beats through music. As students complete each activity with their teacher they learn to identify the rhythms of the target culture. To meet community standards teachers can choose to scan a QR code located on the document to access a Spotify playlist compiled by the Smithsonian. This will allow students to listen to music while they work.

Content Standard(s):
World Languages
WLAN (2017)
Grade: K-8
Novice Low Proficiency Range
4) Investigate, explain, and reflect on the relationship among the products, practices, and perspectives of the target cultures.

a. Use appropriate gestures and oral expressions.

b. Identify typical activities, events, and celebrations of the target cultures.

Examples: Christmas, Carnival

c. Identify children's songs, poetry and rhymes from the target culture.

d. Observe and imitate simple patterns of behavior.

Examples: Table manners, greetings

World Languages
WLAN (2017)
Grade: K-8
Novice Low Proficiency Range
5) Link target language and other subject areas to acquire information and develop diverse cultural perspectives.

a. Listen to and acquire vocabulary related to age-appropriate school content.

Examples: Modes of transportation, the planets, and time-telling.

World Languages
WLAN (2017)
Grade: K-8
Novice Low Proficiency Range
8) Acquire the ability to interact in the target culture beyond the classroom and set goals for life- long learning.

Examples: Foster a student-centered learning process by creating can-do statements with the help of their teachers.
Collect evidence to demonstrate achievement of goals such as self-assessment checklists, portfolios.
Perform for school or community celebrations.
Identify places in the community where the target language is used.
Listen to music and sing songs from the target culture.

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