French Interviews: Jobs and Professions

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French Interviews: Jobs and Professions


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University of Texas at Austin
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This novice high to intermediate low French activity allows students to gather information from four different heritage French speakers: Franck, J-C, Stephanie, and Virginie. Students are asked to gather information as the speakers describe what they will do this summer (future), how long they have been somewhere, what their job is like, and their opinions on various careers.  This activity is split into four different audio sections that can be used as a group or separately.  There is also a list of French questions to aid in interpersonal conversations as students discuss the information they interpreted from the video. The links to the interviews used in this activity are posted in the comment section below. Each video provides optional French and English transcripts.

Key grammar points covered in these activities include future tense and past tense.

Content Standard(s):
World Languages
WLAN (2017)
Grade: 7-12
Level II
1) Communicate and share on familiar topics with a variety of words, phrases, and simple sentences in the past time frame.

a. Use the language to meet basic survival needs.

b. Participate in conversations on familiar topics using a variety of phrases and simple sentences.

c. Ask and answer questions on factual information.

d. Narrate incidents in the past time frame.

e. Describe activities and personal preferences in the past time frame.

World Languages
WLAN (2017)
Grade: 7-12
Level II
2) Interpret what is heard, read, or viewed on familiar topics using the past tense.

a. Restate information from audio and visual documents in the target language.

b. Locate key information from announcements and messages connected to daily activities in the target culture.

c. Relate the main themes and significant details on topics from other subjects and products of the cultures.

World Languages
WLAN (2017)
Grade: 7-12
Level II
8) Compare characteristics of the target language and the native language.

a. Use formal and informal forms of language.

b. Compare word order for dates and placement of descriptors.

c. Use high-frequency idiomatic expressions.

d. Use cognates.

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The audio links for this lesson are posted here:

Activity #1: Careers Franck J-C Stéphanie Virginie  
Activity #2: Since When? Franck J-C Stéphanie Virginie  
Activity #3: Vacations Franck J-C Stéphanie Virginie  
Activity #4: The Job for You Franck J-C Stéphanie Virginie
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