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Global Health


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Our World in Data
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This resource is a slide show presentation full of charts and visuals about the topic of global health and healthcare. Be sure to recognize the slide show controller in the bottom right-hand corner of the page.  

These teaching notes are part of a series of resources from Our World in Data.
They have been designed to support those interested in teaching and learning about global development, and they require no background knowledge.

Here we touch on the following questions:
How does the general health situation of people in poor countries compare to the health of people in rich countries?
How are population health outcomes changing over time?
How difficult is it to improve health outcomes in poor countries?

Content Standard(s):
Health Education
HE (2019)
Grade: 9-12
Health Education
HE.8.1) Utilize accurate peer and societal norms to formulate a health enhancing message.

Example: using data on local health issues to develop a positive message concerning a topic

Health Education
HE (2019)
Grade: 10-12
Leaders in Health Advocacy
HA.3.1) Gather information and interpret data for planning prevention activities.

a. Identify concerns, beliefs, and areas of misinformation among peers.

b. Design program goals based on addressing misinformation, beliefs, and concerns among peers.

c. Utilize a focus group to change their school climate.

Health Education
HE (2019)
Grade: 10-12
World Health
WH.2.1) Examine the health challenges facing the world today.

a. Collect statistical data about health issues within various countries.

b. Investigate the influence of family, peers, and culture on possible solutions to world health issues.

c. Examine the links among health, economic development, media, and technology.

d. Research how disparities in socio-economic status can adversely affect health and access to health care globally.

e. Analyze the roles and responsibilities of government and non-governmental organizations in achieving global health.

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