Components of Skill-Related Fitness

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Components of Skill-Related Fitness


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The purpose of this activity is to help students gain an understanding of what happens to their heart rate when they perform activities to develop the six components of skill-related fitness. Students will perform each activity as fast and as many times as they can for 30 seconds. Using their heart rate monitor, they will record their heart rate before and immediately after the activity. 

Content Standard(s):
Physical Education
PE (2019)
Grade: 8
8-3.5) Analyze the benefits of health-related and skill-related fitness components.

Examples: stress reduction, body composition, self-esteem, less anxiety

APE accommodation suggestions: Visual aids and cues

Physical Education
PE (2019)
Grade: 9-12
Beginning Kinesiology - Level 2
BK-3.9) Modify intensity to keep heart rate in the target zone using available technology.

Examples: pedometer, heart rate monitor

Tags: fitness, heart rate, skillrelated fitness
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