Scribbles With a Twist

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Scribbles With a Twist


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Sargent Art
Type: Learning Activity


Students will review types of lines. They will draw a controlled scribble, fill each section with different line variations using crayons, and paint over them with black watercolor. They will cut out their scribble and fold, curl, twist, and raise each section while gluing to a foundation.  

Content Standard(s):
Arts Education
ARTS (2017)
Grade: 2
Visual Arts
3) Extend skills by individually following sequential steps to create works of art on subjects that are real or imaginary.

Example: Use the book A House for Hermit Crab by Eric Carle.
Create a real or imagined home.

Tags: crayons, curl, cut, fold, glue, lines, scribble, twist, watercolor
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Author: Tiffani Stricklin