Spelling Names - German Alphabet Practice

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Spelling Names - German Alphabet Practice



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Technological University Dublin
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This novice low German activity allows students to practice their listening skills as well as the German alphabet. Students will listen to an audio file that spells out 6 different names in German. Students can complete this activity individually by entering their answers on the site or teachers can download the file to play the activity offline in class. Those who complete the activity online will be able to check their work using the automatic grading feature.

Content Standard(s):
World Languages
WLAN (2017)
Grade: K-8
Novice Low Proficiency Range
2) Demonstrate an understanding of simple spoken or written language presented through a variety of media resources on familiar topics.

a. Recognize key words and phrases in the target language.

Examples: colors, numbers, animals, weather, days of the week

b. Identify people and objects in their environment.

Examples: clothing, classroom items, family members

c. Understand basic instructions.

Examples: turn on lights, look at board

d. Interpret the meaning of gestures, intonation, and other auditory cues.

World Languages
WLAN (2017)
Grade: 7-12
Level I
2) Interpret what is heard, read, or viewed on familiar topics using the present tense.

a. Identify main characters, themes, and ideas from narrative text.

b. Recognize words, phrases and simple sentences in an informational text.

c. Interpret visual and auditory cues.

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