Los Animales y Ecosistemas - Flashcards

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Los Animales y Ecosistemas - Flashcards



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The linked resource is a set of 28, full-color, printable animal cards that are perfect for a variety of Spanish learners. Each card features a full-color animal image along with the Spanish name for the featured animal. These cards include animals from the following ecosystems: Desert, Rain Forest, Ocean, and the Arctic. These animal cards can be used with novice low learners but the animals featured are those that upper-level students are more likely to encounter during environmental units (intermediate proficiency levels). Lower levels can use the cards to help students identify the words associated with each animal. Intermediate levels can have students each hold up a card and ask questions to a partner about the animal and the ecosystem it belongs to.

Content Standard(s):
World Languages
WLAN (2017)
Grade: 7-12
Level I
2) Interpret what is heard, read, or viewed on familiar topics using the present tense.

a. Identify main characters, themes, and ideas from narrative text.

b. Recognize words, phrases and simple sentences in an informational text.

c. Interpret visual and auditory cues.

World Languages
WLAN (2017)
Grade: 7-12
Level II
2) Interpret what is heard, read, or viewed on familiar topics using the past tense.

a. Restate information from audio and visual documents in the target language.

b. Locate key information from announcements and messages connected to daily activities in the target culture.

c. Relate the main themes and significant details on topics from other subjects and products of the cultures.

World Languages
WLAN (2017)
Grade: 7-12
Level III
1) Exchange information on familiar topics with a variety of words, phrases, and simple sentences in a variety of time frames.

a. Exchange basic information about self, others, and special interests.

b. Ask for and provide information on familiar topics.

c. Use language to handle tasks related to personal needs.

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These cards are part of a unit created for students at Boise State featuring environmental issues. The unit is specific toward Boise State but intermediate-mid and intermediate-high learners might benefit from the complete lesson if they make changes to adapt to their own location. The lesson holds the same creative commons copyright as the cards and can be located at: https://www.oercommons.org/authoring/53068-span-201-lab-09-la-naturaleza-nature-spanish-inter/view

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