French Tongue Twisters

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French Tongue Twisters


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This novice low French activity provides a fun way to practice pronunciation of French sounds. As a warm up, teachers use a series of pre-printed cards as they model the pronunciation of each word and sound. Students are to repeat the words. Then, teachers lead students through reciting a variety of tongue twisters, focusing on specific pronunciation sounds. Six different tongue twister cards are provided. The teacher can lead the class through each one or have students work in pairs to practice the phrases, paying special attention to the phonetic sounds made by the French alphabet.

Content Standard(s):
World Languages
WLAN (2017)
Grade: K-8
Novice Low Proficiency Range
6) Investigate, analyze, and reflect on similarities and differences between the target and native languages.

a. Identify cognates.

b. Differentiate formal and informal forms of language.

c. Compare sound systems of the native and target languages.

World Languages
WLAN (2017)
Grade: 7-12
Level I
8) Identify characteristics of the target language and the native language.

a. Observe formal and informal forms of language.

b. Identify word order for dates and placement of descriptors.

c. Identify high-frequency idiomatic expressions.

d. Identify cognates.

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