The Periodic Table and Energy-Level

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The Periodic Table and Energy-Level


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American Chemical Society
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In this lesson, students will focus on the first 20 elements of the periodic table. Students will first look at a diagram and animation to understand the basic pattern of the arrangement of electrons on energy levels around an atom. Students will be given cards with information about the electrons and energy levels for each of the first 20 atoms. They will try to correctly match cards with each element.

Students will be able to interpret the information given in the periodic table to describe the arrangement of electrons on the energy levels around an atom.

Content Standard(s):
SC2015 (2015)
Grade: 8
Physical Science
1 ) Analyze patterns within the periodic table to construct models (e.g., molecular-level models, including drawings; computer representations) that illustrate the structure, composition, and characteristics of atoms and molecules.

Alabama Alternate Achievement Standards
AAS Standard:
SCI.AAS.8.1- Identify parts of an atom (i.e. protons, neutrons, electrons); recognize that the periodic table is organized to show patterns of common traits of elements; locate metals and nonmetals on the periodic table.

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