Ballet and Classical Music

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Ballet and Classical Music


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The Kennedy Center
Type: Lesson/Unit Plan


In this lesson, students will choreograph a sequence of ballet movements to tell a story.  

Throughout this lesson, students will: 

    • Define ballet vocabulary and movement.
    • Apply the basic concept of rhythm to classical music.
    • Compare the relationship between classical ballet and classical music.
    • Research and gather information about the history of classical ballet.
    • Describe the physical fitness benefits, entertainment, and career options for classical ballet dancers and musicians.
    • Create a storyline for a ballet.
    • Choreograph an original story.
    • Discuss the production with the audience both pre-performance and post-performance. 
Content Standard(s):
Arts Education
ARTS (2017)
Grade: 3
4) Create a dance phrase that communicates an idea or feeling and discuss the effect of the movement choices.

Arts Education
ARTS (2017)
Grade: 4
4) Create a dance study that expresses and communicates a main idea and discuss the reasons for the movement choices.

Arts Education
ARTS (2017)
Grade: 5
4) Select a codified movement vocabulary or preferred dance style to develop a dance study to communicate a main idea.

Example: Utilize ballet movement to create a story.

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