Regular vs. Irregular Verbs

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Regular vs. Irregular Verbs


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Are you a rule-follower or a rule-breaker? Irregular verbs break all the rules! Use this lesson to teach your students how to use the correct past tense form of regular and irregular verbs.

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English Language Arts
ELA2021 (2021)
Grade: 2
7. Demonstrate standard English usage when speaking.

a. Use collective nouns.

b. Form and use frequently-occurring irregular plural nouns.

c. Use reflexive pronouns.

d. Form and use past tense forms of frequently-occurring irregular verbs.

e. Use adjectives and adverbs.

f. Produce and expand complete simple and compound sentences when speaking.
English Language Arts
ELA2021 (2021)
Grade: 2
45. Demonstrate understanding of standard English language conventions when writing.

a. Identify the role of a noun, verb, adjective, and adverb within a sentence and explain the type of the information it conveys.

b. Form regular nouns and verbs by adding -s or -es.

c. Form and use simple present and past verb tenses.

d. Form plurals by changing -y to -ies.

e. Form and use frequently-occurring irregular plural nouns and verbs.

f. Use plural possessives.
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