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Food Label Interpretation

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Food Label Interpretation


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In this blended lesson supporting literacy skills, students watch videos and complete interactive activities to learn how to use fractions to interpret food labels and make healthy eating choices. Students develop their literacy skills as they explore a mathematics focus on proportional reasoning. During this process, they read informational text, learn and practice vocabulary words, and explore content through videos and interactive activities. This is a student-directed lesson to be completed online.

This alignment results from the ALEX Health/PE COS Resource Alignment Summit.

Content Standard(s):
Health Education
HE (2019)
Grade: 8
8.1.4) Analyze the relationship between engaging in regular physical activity and healthy eating as ways to improve personal health.

Health Education
HE (2019)
Grade: 8
8.5.2) Critique the positive and negative outcomes of a health-related decision.

Examples: positive -- keeping calendar to manage time, reading food labels, getting adequate sleep
negative -- tobacco use, eating disorders, drug use

Tags: food choices, food labels, healthy eating choices, healthy living, healthy living skills, proportion
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Partnered Event: Health/PE COS Summit

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