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Justinian and the Byzantine Empire

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Justinian and the Byzantine Empire


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Khan Academy
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This is a video from Khan Academy which gives an overview of the Byzantine Empire under its greatest strength under Justinian and then eventual slow decline over the next 900 years. Code of Justinian, Hagia Sophia, Empress Theodora's role in putting down the Nika Riots. This video can be used to introduce a lesson on the Byzantine Empire and Emperor Justinian.  This video is 8 minutes 51 seconds in length.

Content Standard(s):
Social Studies
SS2010 (2010)
Grade: 8
World History to 1500
9 ) Describe the rise of the Byzantine Empire, its institutions, and its legacy, including the influence of the Emperors Constantine and Justinian and the effect of the Byzantine Empire on art, religion, architecture, and law.

•  Identifying factors leading to the establishment of the Eastern Orthodox Church
Unpacked Content
Strand: History, Civics and Government
Course Title: World History to 1500
Evidence Of Student Attainment:
  • Identify and analyze influences of the Byzantine empire on later societies.
Teacher Vocabulary:
  • Byzantine Empire
  • Constantine
  • Justinian
  • Theodora
  • Eastern Orthodox Church
  • Justinian Law Code
  • Hagia Sophia
  • Christianity
  • Western Roman Catholic Church
  • Byzantine Church
  • icons
  • excommunicate
  • missionary
Students know:
  • The factors that led to the rise of the Byzantine Empire examples of Byzantine influences on art, culture, religion, architecture, and law.
  • The influence of major political leaders, including Emperors Constantine and Justinian
  • The factors leading to the establishment of the Eastern Orthodox Church.
Students are able to:
  • Understand textual evidence of primary and secondary sources.
  • Locate places on a map.
  • Identify the effects of religious beliefs and practices on societies.
  • Determine how governmental policies impact an empire. Analyze the long-term impact of specific aspects of a culture.
Students understand that:
  • The Byzantine Empire influenced art, culture, religion, architecture, and law.

Alabama Alternate Achievement Standards
AAS Standard:
SS.AAS.8.9- Locate the Byzantine Empire and Constantinople (Istanbul) on a world map; identify at least one accomplishment or characteristic of the Byzantine Empire.

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