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Game Time! The Odd Squad

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Game Time! The Odd Squad


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Olive and Otto need to add multiple small numbers together in series. There's only one thing to do: go to the Mathroom and learn to count on from a number.

Content Standard(s):
MA2019 (2019)
Grade: K
2. Count to 100 by ones beginning with any given number between 0 and 99.
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Evidence Of Student Attainment:
  • Count correctly to 100 by ones starting with any given number other than 0 without skipping numbers, repeating numbers, or hesitating.
Teacher Vocabulary:
  • Count
Students know:
  • how to rote count from 0 to 100 starting with any given number.
Students are able to:
  • orally count.
Students understand that:
  • Counting from 0 to 100 is a sequence and you can begin with any number.
Diverse Learning Needs:
Essential Skills:
Learning Objectives:
M.K.2.1: Count forward to 100 from a number over 50.
M.K.2.2: Count forward to 100 from a number between 2 and 50.
M.K.2.3: Count forward to 50 from a given number.
M.K.2.4: Count to 100 by ones.
M.K.2.5: Mimic counting to 100 by ones.
M.K.2.6: Count to 50 by ones.
M.K.2.7: Mimic counting to 50 by ones.

Prior Knowledge Skills:
  • Count to 20 and above.
  • Mimic counting by ones.
  • Recognize numbers from one to ten.
  • Become interested in how many objects she/he has.
  • Continue to have an interest in counting.
  • Understand the concept of size and amount.
  • Pair the number of objects counted with "how many."
  • Understand that the last number name tells the number of objects counted.
  • Pair a group of objects with a number representing the total number of objects in the group (up to ten objects).
  • Count objects one-by-one using only one number per object (up to ten objects).
  • Recognize that numbers and numerals have meaning.
  • Recognize numerals 0 (zero) through 10.
  • Rote count to ten.
  • Communicate some number words.
  • Recognize after.
  • Recognize before.
  • Enjoy playing with all kinds of objects.
  • Point to matching or similar objects.

Alabama Alternate Achievement Standards
AAS Standard:
M.AAS.K.1 Using vocalization, sign language, augmentative communication, or assistive technology, count to 15 by ones starting with one.

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ALCOS 2019

2. Count to 100 by ones beginning with any given number between 0 and 99.

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