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Land the Plane

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Land the Plane


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In this Desmos activity, students practice finding equations of lines in order to land a plane on a runway. Most of the challenges are well-suited to slope-intercept form, but they are easily adapted to other forms of linear equations depending on the goals of an individual class or a student. This activity should be used to help teach a lesson on slope-intercept. This Desmos activity offers sample student responses and a teacher guide.

Content Standard(s):
MA2015 (2016)
Grade: 9-12
Algebra I
46 ) Interpret the slope (rate of change) and the intercept (constant term) of a linear model in the context of the data. [S-ID7]

Alabama Alternate Achievement Standards
AAS Standard:
M.AAS.SP.HS.46- Given a graph that describes a set of linear data, identify the rate of change (slope) and constant term (y-intercept). (Use context of data—the total price of the stamps is calculated by increasing 50 cents for every stamp purchased or the cost if no stamps are purchased is $0.)

Tags: slope, slope intercept, slopeintercept
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