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Magnetic Train Engineering Design Challenge

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Magnetic Train Engineering Design Challenge


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Students use the engineering design process to create a magnetic train in this lesson plan created by teacher Heather Rizzo.

Content Standard(s):
SC2015 (2015)
Grade: 3
4 ) Apply scientific ideas about magnets to solve a problem through an engineering design project (e.g., constructing a latch to keep a door shut, creating a device to keep two moving objects from touching each other such as a maglev system).*

NAEP Framework
NAEP Statement::
P4.5: Magnets can repel or attract other magnets. They can also attract certain nonmagnetic objects at a distance.

Unpacked Content
Scientific And Engineering Practices:
Constructing Explanations and Designing Solutions
Disciplinary Core Idea: Motion and Stability: Forces and Interactions
Evidence Of Student Attainment:
  • Identify and describe a simple design problem that can be solved by applying a scientific understanding of the forces between interacting magnets.
  • Identify and describe the scientific ideas necessary for solving the problem.
  • Identify and describe the criteria for a successful solution to the problem.
  • Identify and describe the constraints (limits) for solving the problem.
Teacher Vocabulary:
  • Magnet
  • Properties
  • Engineering Design Process (Ask, Imagine, Plan, Create, Improve)
  • Attract
  • Repel
  • Forces
Students know:
  • Magnetic forces between a pair of objects do not require that the objects be in contact with each other.
  • The sizes of the forces in a magnetic situation depend on the properties of the objects, the distances apart, and their orientation relative to each other.
Students are able to:
  • Define a problem that can be solved with magnets.
  • Apply scientific ideas about magnets.
  • Solve a problem with scientific ideas about magnets through an engineering design project.
Students understand that:
  • Scientific discoveries about the natural world, such as magnets, can often lead to new and improved technologies, which are developed through the engineering design process.
AMSTI Resources:
AMSTI Module:
Forces and Investigations

Alabama Alternate Achievement Standards
AAS Standard:
SCI.AAS.3.4- Apply scientific ideas about magnets to solve a problem. (e.g., using a magnet to pick up an object, using a magnet to push or pull an object)

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