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Picturing America Lesson

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Picturing America Lesson


Content Source:

Philadelphia Museum of Art
Type: Lesson/Unit Plan


Students will analyze different pieces of art featuring George Washington. They will identify the use of symbols to portray beliefs, values, and ideas. 

Content Standard(s):
Arts Education
ARTS (2017)
Grade: 5
Visual Arts
15) Identify how works of art/design are used to inform or change beliefs, values, or behaviors of an individual or society.

Examples: Discuss how political cartoons can influence a person's view.

Unpacked Content
Artistic Process: Connecting
Anchor Standards:
Anchor Standard 11: Relate artistic ideas and works with societal, cultural, and historical context to deepen understanding.
Process Components: Synthesize
Essential Questions:
EU: People develop ideas and understandings of society, culture, and history through their interactions with and analysis of art.
EQ: How does art help us understand the lives of people of different times, places, and cultures? How is art used to impact the views of a society? How does art preserve aspects of life?
Concepts & Vocabulary:
  • Cultural context
  • Formal & conceptual vocabulary
  • Genre
  • Linear perspective
  • Preserve
  • Principles of design
    • Movement
    • Emphasis
  • Relief
  • Vanishing point
Skill Examples:
  • Analyze the role of cultural objects in our everyday environment.
  • Select and access contemporary digital media arts tools to investigate ideas in art-making.
  • Interpret an artwork that communicates something about a place that has meaning for them.
  • Discuss how political cartoons can influence a person's view.
  • Compare how artists work in different cultures and at different times in history.
Tags: analyze, George Washington, interpretation
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