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Textures All Around You

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Textures All Around You


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ArtsEd Washington
Type: Lesson/Unit Plan


Students will use descriptive words that match textures in a mystery box.  They will describe textures in the school environment and artwork.  Assessment rubric, letter to parents, and lesson plan included in PDF. 

Content Standard(s):
Arts Education
ARTS (2017)
Grade: K
Visual Arts
12) Interpret art by identifying subject matter and describing relevant details.

Example: Answer questions such as, "What do you see?" or "How does this art make you feel?"

Unpacked Content
Artistic Process: Responding
Anchor Standards:
Anchor Standard 8: Interpret intent and meaning in artistic work.
Process Components: Perceive, Analyze, Interpret
Essential Questions:
EU: People gain insights into meanings of artworks by engaging in the process of art criticism.
EQ: What is the value of engaging in the process of art criticism? How can the viewer "read" a work of art as text? How does knowing and using visual arts vocabularies help us understand and interpret works of art?
Concepts & Vocabulary:
  • Art
  • Artwork
  • Collaboratively
  • Collage
  • Cool colors
  • Warm colors
  • Elements of Art
    • Color
    • Line
    • Shape
  • Imaginative play
  • Play
  • Portfolio
  • Primary colors
  • Principles of design
    • Pattern
  • Printmaking
Skill Examples:
  • Identify art in their community, such as landscaping, etc.
  • Communicate the ideas and stories he/she sees in a work of art.
  • Recognize and point out basic elements of art in their own artwork and that of others.
  • Describe the meaning in the marks they make on paper.
  • Compare a photograph or painting of a vase to a real vase.
  • Explain what they think a piece of artwork means.
  • Listen carefully to the point of views of others and recognize that people have different opinions and responses.
  • Share what they see in a piece of artwork by listing items seen using art vocabulary. Answer questions such as, "What do you see?" or "How does this art make you feel?"
  • Explain why they like or do not like a piece of artwork.
  • Explain why he/she likes or dislikes his/her own artwork.
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