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Media and Your Body Image: What You Need to Know

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Media and Your Body Image: What You Need to Know


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National Eating Disorders
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We spend more time than ever using media and everywhere we turn there are messages telling us how we should look that can make us feel less confident about our appearance. While we’re probably not going to use fewer media, we can protect our self-image and body confidence from media’s narrow-body ideals that reinforce thinness for women and muscularity for men. It’s all about asking the right questions. 

Content Standard(s):
Physical Education
PE (2019)
Grade: 9-12
Beginning Kinesiology - Level 2
BK-4.1) Recognize and discuss how idealized body images and elite performance levels portrayed in various media differ from the norm.

APE accommodation suggestions: verbally prompting and redirecting; peer assistance to model proper personal and social behaviors

Health Education
HE (2019)
Grade: 9-12
Health Education
HE.2.1) Analyze the influence of external factors on health beliefs and behaviors.

a. Analyze how family, culture, school, and community influence the health practice and behaviors of individuals.

Examples: explaining how holiday celebrations and traditions such as over indulgence in eating and consuming alcohol affect health behaviors; explaining how extra-curricular activities and schedules result in over-consumption of fast food

b. Examine how peers influence healthy and unhealthy behaviors.

c. Examine how peers influence healthy and unhealthy behaviors.

Example: influence of media on teen body image, sexual activity, drugs, alcohol, violence, cyber-bullying.

d. Cite evidence of how public health policies and government regulations can influence health promotion and disease prevention.

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