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A Learning Activity is a strategy a teacher chooses to actively engage students in learning a concept or skill using a digital tool/resource.

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Word Cloud
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Tagxedo is a tool for generating word clouds from user provided text. The clouds allows you to emphasize words by altering their text size. You can create your clouds with different fonts, layouts, themes, and color schemes. You have the freedom to create different cloud shapes, such as animals Once complete, you can save, share with others electronically or print. This site could be used at the end of a lesson adjectives. Assign students to select a word cloud shape from Tagxedo and fill in with adjectives to describe that shape. For example if the student chooses the elephant, they would use words like enormous, large, big, grey, huge, smart, hungry, loud, slow, thirsty, intelligent, etc.

  Associated Standards and Objectives  
Content Standard(s):
English Language Arts
ELA2015 (2015)
Grade: 2
35 ) Demonstrate command of the conventions of Standard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking. [L.2.1]

a. Use collective nouns (e.g., group). [L.2.1a]

b. Form and use frequently occurring irregular plural nouns (e.g., feet, children, teeth, mice, fish). [L.2.1b]

c. Use reflexive pronouns (e.g., myself, ourselves). [L.2.1c]

d. Form and use the past tense of frequently occurring irregular verbs (e.g., sat, hid, told). [L.2.1d]

e. Use adjectives and adverbs, and choose between them depending on what is to be modified. [L.2.1e]

f. Produce, expand, and rearrange complete simple and compound sentences (e.g., The boy watched the movie; The little boy watched the movie; The action movie was watched by the little boy). [L.2.1f]

Alabama Alternate Achievement Standards
AAS Standard:
ELA.AAS.2.35- Demonstrate standard English grammar when writing or speaking.
ELA.AAS.2.35a- Use nouns and verbs when writing or speaking.
ELA.AAS.2.35b- Use plural nouns when writing or speaking.
ELA.AAS.2.35c- Identify and use personal pronouns when writing or speaking.
ELA.AAS.2.35e- Use adjectives when writing or speaking.

Digital Literacy and Computer Science
DLIT (2018)
Grade: 2
14) Collect, create, and organize data in a digital chart or graph.

Learning Objectives:

The learner will create an attractive word cloud within Tagxedo to describe a shape template within Tagxedo's shape library. The word cloud should include at least 12 adjectives. 

  Strategies, Preparations and Variations  

After completing a lesson on adjectives, students will be given a brief tutorial or refresher on the Tagxedo site. I would highly suggest allowing your students time to become comfortable with this site, before giving a graded assignment. The student will be directed to the computer to use the Tagxedo website to create an adjective word cloud.

After accessing the Tagxedo website, select the Create tab. Then choose a shape, under the shape option. Type in text that describes your cloud shape. The more often a word appears in your text, the larger it will appear. You can then modify the color, fonts, and theme of your word cloud.

Assessment Strategies:

Students will be graded out of 12 possible points. One point for each adjective.

Advanced Preparation:

Ensure that you have several computers with printer access for multiple users.

Variation Tips (optional):

Word clouds also known as word splashes can be used for a variety of classroom activities.

Notes or Recommendations (optional):
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