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Recycled Runway Fashion Show

A Learning Activity is a strategy a teacher chooses to actively engage students in learning a concept or skill using a digital tool/resource.

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Author: Abby Kuhn
System:Auburn City
School:Auburn City Board Of Education
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Recycled Runway Fashion Show
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Trashion Show at Mirdif Fashion Weekend
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Students will collaborate in small groups to brainstorm an idea for a party outfit designed from party materials.  Students will work together to assemble their party outfit for one of their groups' members to model.  Students will create a party outfit using only party supplies and decorations.

This activity was created as a result of the Arts COS Resource Development Summit.

  Associated Standards and Objectives  
Content Standard(s):
Arts Education
ARTS (2017)
Grade: 2
Visual Arts
1) Brainstorm collaboratively to create a work of art.

Arts Education
ARTS (2017)
Grade: 2
Visual Arts
5) Create an artwork using found and/or recycled objects.

Examples: Use objects such as leaves, rocks, paper tubes, egg cartons, etc.
Use book A Day with No Crayons by Elizabeth Rusch.

Learning Objectives:

Students will collaboratively brainstorm a design for a party outfit using found and recycled party supplies.

Students will collaboratively create a party outfit for one of their group members to model in the class Recycled Runway Fashion Show.

  Strategies, Preparations and Variations  

The instructor will share a video of a student Trashion Show. The instructor can share their own video or use the resource linked in this activity:  Trashion Show at Mirdif Fashion Weekend

The instructor will explain that the students in the video were given a challenge to create a new outfit using only found and recycled materials. The instructor will divide the class into small groups of 3-5 students. The instructor will explain that they are going to be given a fashion design challenge. Each group will be asked to create a party outfit using only party supplies and party decorations.

The students will use a provided figure template to brainstorm their party fashion design.
The instructor may provide their own template or download one for free from PRETATEMPLATE.

Before beginning their fashion sketches, the instructor will also give each group a mystery bag of party materials they can use. Students need to explore their materials before they begin sketching their design.

Once the group has brainstormed how they can use their materials, they may begin sketching their concept on their figure template. 

Students will select a model from their group who will wear their party outfit in the Recycled Runway Fashion Show. Students will then attempt to construct their party outfit directly on their model using the provided party supplies and decorations.

The instructor will give students clear expectations regarding time allowed to create their party outfit. When time is up, the models will line up for a Recycled Runway Fashion Show in the classroom.

Assessment Strategies:





Student Group brainstormed an idea for their group outfit on their figure template.




Student Group selected a student model.




Student group collaborated together to create a party outfit for their model.




Student model lined up when it was time for the Recycled Runway Fashion Show.




Student group used recycled and found materials to create a party outfit.




Advanced Preparation:

Select a Trashion Show Video to share in the intro or use the one provided in this activity: Trashion Show at Mirdif Fashion Weekend.

Select or create a fashion figure template for student groups to brainstorm their party outfit concepts. Provide more that one template per group to allow them to explore multiple ideas. Free templates can be found at PRETATEMPLATE.

Collect new or used party materials and decorations to be recycled into party outfits. Thin plastic table clothes are affordable and are easy for young students to manipulate. Streamers, gift wrap, tissue paper, and balloons work well too. Be sure that each group has scissors and clear tape.

Variation Tips (optional):

Play music during the class Recycled Runway Fashion Show.


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