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Matrices Operations Assessment

A Learning Activity is a strategy a teacher chooses to actively engage students in learning a concept or skill using a digital tool/resource.

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Matrices Operations Assessment
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Students will use the Quizizz response system to add, subtract, and multiply matrices of appropriate dimensions. Quizizz allows the teacher to conduct student-paced formative assessments- through quizzing, collaboration, peer-led discussions, and presentation of content in a fun and engaging way for students of all ages.

This activity results from the ALEX Resource Development Summit.

  Associated Standards and Objectives  
Content Standard(s):
MA2015 (2016)
Grade: 9-12
Algebra II
9 ) (+) Add, subtract, and multiply matrices of appropriate dimensions. [N-VM8]

Learning Objectives:

Students will be able to add, subtract, and multiply matrices of appropriate dimensions. 

  Strategies, Preparations and Variations  

Students will demonstrate their mastery of adding, subtracting, and multiplying matrices of appropriated dimensions through interactive game-based Quizizz. The students and teacher will follow these steps:

  1. The teacher will have the students log on to
  2. The students will be prompted to enter the game code for Matrices Operations. (See additional information below for alternative ways to assign the game.)
  3. The teacher will display the game code at the front of the class.
  4. The students will enter their names, which will appear on the screen at the front as they join - no student accounts needed.
  5. Once everyone has joined, the teacher will need to press the “Start” button on the teacher device, which will then display the name of the Quizizz and a count down from 5 indicating the game is about to start.
  6. Students work as fast as they can to answer multiple-choice style questions on adding, subtracting, and multiplying matrices of appropriate dimensions.
  7. The progress of students as they answer questions will be displayed on the live dashboard at the front of the class.
  8. Once the game has ended, the teacher can award the winner with the kudos he/she deserves.
  9. When the final leader board is displayed, every student can see their feedback on their device: total points, the number of correct/incorrect questions, and the position in the class they finished in.
  10. On the teacher device, there are options to review questions, see the class accuracy, see the toughest question, the question that took the longest to answer, and interesting facts. 
  11. Also on the teacher device, the teacher can choose to download the results of the quiz. This provides a spreadsheet listing each of your students, what they answered for each question, and how long it took them. Correct answers are highlighted in green, incorrect in red.
  12. The teacher will use the results to determine whether the students can add, subtract, and multiply matrices with appropriate dimensions.
  13. Press the ‘Play Again’ button to instantly play the same Quizizz again - your students' devices will automatically reset to the start of the game or the teacher can search for a different Quizizz game.
Assessment Strategies:

  • Quizizz is self-checking. The students will get immediate feedback as they compete with their peers through interactive play.
  • The teacher is able to assess students' understanding while the game is being played by the students. After the game has ended, the teacher should have meaningful dialogue on the process and procedures for adding, subtracting, and multiplying matrices. 
  • Students should be allowed to collaborate and work problems out on the board for clarity for those who are still having trouble.
  • The teacher will download the results of the matrices operations in Quizizz and use it as a formative or summative assessment. 

Advanced Preparation:

The teacher will need to ensure the classroom has the following:

1) Internet connection (WiFi)

2) Classroom set of computers, iPads, or smart devices. (If allowed students can use their own personal devices.)

Prior to playing Quizizz, the teacher will need to:

  1. Create a Quizizz account by logging on to  (More information on how Quizizz works can be found at Getting Started.)
  2. Once an account has been set up, the teacher will use Matrices Operations to decide if he/she wants to play the game live or as homework. 
  3. The instructions above are for the game to be played live, so the teacher will need to host a live game in order to get a code and start the game. Share this code with your students in your class so they can join the game.

  • The teacher can have students set up an account and the teacher and student revisit prior played Quizizz games.
  • If the students already have a Quizizz account, they will be prompted to log in using their student information.
  • Take the time to set up a teacher account and play the game yourself before introducing it to your students. Instructions are available on the site. 
  • NAMES -Be sure to set rules for your students when entering their names. If they join with an inappropriate nickname, you can “kick” them out.
Variation Tips (optional):

  • For enrichment or more challenging activity, allow students to work together in small groups and create their own Quizizz game.
  • If electronic devices are not available, Quizizz has a print option, so the Matrices Operations could be printed for assessment.
  • The teacher can create a homework challenge for those who still have concerns or just need a little more practice. To create a homework game, the teacher will press the "Homework" button. This will allow the teacher to assign this Quizizz as Homework. The teacher will need to enter an end date and time of day, and then press the create button. 
  • Then the screen allows the teacher to choose a sharing option to invite students to join the challenge. The teacher may share through Google Classroom, a direct link, or through Remind. Once the option is chosen click the done button.
  • Depending on the option chosen the teacher can review the results by clicking on reports.
Notes or Recommendations (optional):

ALCOS 2019

4. Add, subtract, and multiply matrices of appropriate dimensions.

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