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Social Media for the Classroom

A Learning Activity is a strategy a teacher chooses to actively engage students in learning a concept or skill using a digital tool/resource.

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Author: Angela Mizzell
System:St Clair County
School:St Clair County Board Of Education
  General Activity Information  
Activity ID: 1116
Social Media for the Classroom
Digital Tool/Resource:
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Schoology is a free app that looks a lot like the social networking sites students use at home. Teachers can use the app to upload tests, quizzes, assignments, notes, links to videos and web pages, and to facilitate student discussions. Schoology is a great way to give students a link to the classroom from anywhere. 

  Associated Standards and Objectives  
Content Standard(s):
Digital Literacy and Computer Science
DLIT (2018)
Grade: 9-12
R1) Identify, demonstrate, and apply personal safe use of digital devices.

Unpacked Content
Evidence Of Student Attainment:
Students will:
  • demonstrate personal safe use of technology.
Students know:
  • how to safely use digital devices.
  • that failure to use digital devices safely can have an impact on access at school as well as the protection of personal data.
Students are able to:
  • identify personal safe use of digital devices.
  • demonstrate personal safe use of digital devices.
  • apply personal safe use of digital devices.
Students understand that:
  • it is important to protect personal data when sharing information on the internet.
Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of the activity students should be able to submit an assignment electronically and participate in a curriculum related discussion in a social networking environment.

  Strategies, Preparations and Variations  

To close a lesson, students will be given an assignment through schoology. The student will be required to do the following:

1. Successfully complete and submit the assignment via schoology.

2. Post a comment for discussion about the lesson.

3. Comment on the comment a classmate posted in reference to the same assignment.

Assessment Strategies:

Schoology has capabilities of grading assignment and posting grades to the grade book feature. Student outcomes will also be measured by assessing the quality of discussion postings.

Advanced Preparation:

Students will need to either download schoology or visit and creat an account And join the class group. The assignment also needs to be uploaded by the teacher in advance.

Variation Tips (optional):

To expand the activity you can have students research and post a link to the discussion that will help other students who are struggling with the topic.

Notes or Recommendations (optional):
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