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It's all in your Genes

A Learning Activity is a strategy a teacher chooses to actively engage students in learning a concept or skill using a digital tool/resource.

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Author: Melissa Knowles
System:Scottsboro City
School:Scottsboro City Board Of Education
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It's all in your Genes
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A teacher-made rap video about genetics for a seventh grader class.  The music is sung to the tune of "Forever" by Drake (featuring Kanye West, Lil Wayne, and Eminem) and includes lyrics on a black screen. Some of the lyrics include, "Listen up and listen 'bout your genes.  Maybe you know how to draw, or you sing a song better than Tim McGraw, or you grow to be seven feet tall, whatever it's all about your genes....." A video to review material. (3:30)

  Associated Standards and Objectives  
Content Standard(s):
SC2015 (2015)
Grade: 7
Life Science
12 ) Construct and use models (e.g., monohybrid crosses using Punnett squares, diagrams, simulations) to explain that genetic variations between parent and offspring (e.g., different alleles, mutations) occur as a result of genetic differences in randomly inherited genes located on chromosomes and that additional variations may arise from alteration of genetic information.

Digital Literacy and Computer Science
DLIT (2018)
Grade: 8
16) Present content designed for specific audiences through an appropriate medium.

Example: Create and share a help video for a senior's center that provides tips for online safety.

Learning Objectives:

Students will use a PUNNETT square to determine their personal genetic trait map.

  Strategies, Preparations and Variations  

1. Students will watch the video link to Mr. Lee - Genetics Rap.

2. Students will solve a Punnett square for hair color, eye color, and height. 

3. Students will then create a new line to the rap describing how they received one of their traits.

Assessment Strategies:

Check Punnett square for accuracy and understanding. 

Advanced Preparation:

Teach Punnett squares. 

Print Punnett square sheet or have students create own on paper.

Variation Tips (optional):

Download a karaoke version of "Forever" by Drake. Allow students to record their line in the song.

Create own music video to share using their recorded song.

Notes or Recommendations (optional):
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