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Title: Accelerated Reader Word Cloud
Digital Tool: Wordle
Digital Tool Description: Wordle is a tool for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text.This tool can be used for any standard. Students are able to focus on a certain aspect and use facts or adjectives to describe the aspect in words.

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Title: The Ellis Island Experience: Portal to Progress
Digital Tool: Mindomo
Digital Tool Description: Mindomo is a highly versatile mind-mapping tool. In this learning asset Mindomo is used as a resource for analyzing the steps immigrants went through in order to successfully gain entrance to America.

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Title: How do you Lino?
Digital Tool: Lino
Digital Tool Description: This website is a digital cork board where students can share their ideas through virtual sticky notes and pictures. This website can be used to get ideas flowing at the beginning of the lesson. The teacher can present a topic and the kids can write notes/questions/comments and post pictures relating to the topic of what they think it is. This can also be used for students who are working on a group project together. They are able to put there ideas out on the cork board so they can collaborate and make decisions.

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Title: Presenting....Digital Citizenship through Infographics
Digital Tool: Piktochart
Digital Tool Description: Piktochart is one of many programs that makes it easy for teachers to integrate literacy and technology standards into any lesson.  Visual learners love the way that infographics seem to make data easier to digest.  Infographics are very helpful when a teacher wants to 'chunk' a lesson in to smaller units.  'Chunking' is a method for grouping and organizing information to make it easier to comprehend and remember.  Piktochart can be used to display and present a large amount of information in a visually appealing way.    

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Title: Search 'N Rove
Digital Tool: Rover App
Digital Tool Description: Rover provides media resources for researching specific information.   Rover is targeted towards enhancing the K-12 education experience, bringing the best online learning content to your iPad.  

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Title: My Number Thoughts
Digital Tool: ABCya WordCloud
Digital Tool Description: This word cloud generator will provide an engagement activity for ALEX Lesson # 32258 It's Number Time. This online word cloud generator is appropriate for second grade students.

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