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Title: The Civil War Today
Digital Tool: The Civil War Today app
Digital Tool Description: The Civil War Today app presents students with a daily history of the Civil War.  Each day a new headline is featured displaying what was happening THAT DAY during the Civil War.

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Title: Causes of the Civil War
Digital Tool: Xtranormal Video
Digital Tool Description: The Xtranormal video depicts a discussion about the causes of the U.S. Civil War between Barack Obama and Abraham Lincoln. Both presidents are represented by cartoon avatars that resemble each president. **Because the video is from YouTube, instructions for how to address potential school site Internet blockages are listed in the "Advanced Preparation" section of this page.

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Title: Flight to Freedom: the Underground Railroad
Digital Tool: Mission US 2: Flight to Freedom role-playing game
Digital Tool Description: Mission US provides an interactive role-playing game that is available for streaming or download. The game to be used is Mission 2: "Flight to Freedom". The player assumes the role of a slave and journeys to freedom via the Underground Railroad. The player makes choices, has conversations with characters, and learns about life on a Southern plantation and the struggle for freedom for slaves.

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