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Title: What's the Matter? Solid, liquid, or gas?
Digital Tool: Science kids
Digital Tool Description: This digital tool is an interactive way to experiment with solids, liquids, and gases. Students are challenged to find the correct category for other examples such as milk, sand, rain, helium, wood and air. Watch what happens when you heat liquids and cool gases. 

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Title: All About Matter
Digital Tool: Video, Sing Along Song,Quiz, Vocabulary
Digital Tool Description: What is matter? It's solids, liquids, and gases and it can change states through heating or cooling. Want to know more? Watch this three minute video — and try singing karaoke — and learn all you need to know.

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Title: Make it Melt!
Digital Tool: Interactive - Test the Melting Temperatures of Objects
Digital Tool Description: Students will learn that heat must be applied to change some solids to liquids. Students will be able to visualize the process of heating various solid objects in order to change them from one state of matter (solid) to another (liquid). They may then compare/contrast the melting point temperatures to see which objects required the highest/lowest temperatures.

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