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Title: Introducing: A Plant Story
Digital Tool: Narrated Video: A Plant Story
Digital Tool Description: This video illustrates the plant life cycle, while introducing the key topics of seed germination and photosynthesis.

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Title: Plants 101
Digital Tool: Voicethread
Digital Tool Description: A Voicethread is a media tool that allows users to create a media board. The application allows users to add images, text, recordings, and videos. The Voicethreads can also be shared for other users of Voicethread to view and add comments. Students will use Voicethread to design a media board. Students will add pictures of plant structures such as: root, stem, leaves, and flowers. Students will then add pictures of each plant structure along with a description of the structures function. The Voicethread will be used as an assessment of the students understanding of the plants structures functions. 

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Title: Exploring Parts of Plants with Evernote
Digital Tool: Evernote
Digital Tool Description: Evernote is an online storage system allowing users to create, search, and present on one workspace. Description provided by

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Title: Taking a Closer Look at Plants
Digital Tool: Growing Plants
Digital Tool Description: With this tool, students are helping "Sparky" with various interactive growing plant activities. Students are given the opportunity to be actively engaged to interact with labeling parts of a plant and helping consrruct a flow chart diagram of the life cycle of plants. 

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