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Title: Severe Weather: Be Ready
Digital Tool: Weather Preparedness Game
Digital Tool Description: PLAN!T NOW and its partners, which include the National Weather Service, have introduced the Young Meteorologist Program (YMP), a free digital program that will teach students across the United States about severe weather facts and safety. Designed for students in grades 3-8, YMP is built around a game that follows the main character, Owlie, through five severe weather challenges as he, and the player, try to earn a Young Meteorologist Certificate. Through learning about hurricanes, lightning, floods, tornadoes and winter storms, players will learn how to be prepared for real-life severe weather and natural hazards.

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Title: Clouds and Their Characteristics
Digital Tool: Popplet/Web Organizer
Digital Tool Description: Popplet is a web tool ideal for elementary age children to create webs for many purposes. It is creative and has simple, but fun options. For purposes of this activity students may create webs to organize the kinds and clouds and their characteristics. Text, drawings, or pictures may be inserted into the popplets.

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Title: Educreating a Disaster Plan
Digital Tool: Educreations
Digital Tool Description: Educreations allows you to create and record lessons for students to view independently.  In addition, it give students a creative media they can use to prepare presentations for their teachers and classmates.

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