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Title: Plant and Animal Cells
Digital Tool: Cells Cells Rap
Digital Tool Description: This video is a rap about both plant and animal cells. It also includes the organelles and their functions inside the cell. This is a fun, rhythmic learning experience.

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Title: It's Great to EduCreate!
Digital Tool: Educreations
Digital Tool Description: Educreations is a website/app in which you can create interactive whiteboard lessons.  It is quick and easy to do and students are able to learn at their own pace.

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Title: A cell is more than you think!
Digital Tool: Blogger
Digital Tool Description: The lesson will consist of talking with the class to discuss the animal and the plant cell. After the teacher is finished explaining both, she must ask the students to present their experiences doing the activity. The students will stand up in pairs and presenting together in order to explain to the class three things: their experience learning and teaching each other, one thing they learned teaching and one thing they learned from the other student, and lastly, what aspects of the cells did they find both cells have in common. 

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Title: Do You Know Your Plant's Cells?
Digital Tool: Study Jams Slide Show - Plant Cells
Digital Tool Description: The Study Jams Slide Show has auto-timed advancing slides that show actual photographs of the different parts of plant cells. Key vocabulary is listed on the title page. It provides an introduction to plant cells.  

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