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Title: Pump it Up!
Digital Tool: Map of the Human Heart
Digital Tool Description: Using this interactive tool, students will follow the path of blood flow through the human heart, both visually and linguistically, as they track the heartbeat and amount of blood flow.  The student can also review the anatomy of the human heart by accessing a labeled diagram. 

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Title: With Every Beat of My Heart
Digital Tool: Video: Circulatory System
Digital Tool Description: This video presents an overview of the circulatory system. It could be used as an intro or a review.  Great places to stop and engage students. It introduces students to parts of the heart, traces the path of blood through the heart and the rest of the body, discusses the difference in oxygenated and deoxygenated blood, gives the functions of coronary arteries, and differentiates between systole and diastole.  The video is also available via wn: *Note: This url has several videos on the circulatory system. The one referenced is the first that is listed. 

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