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Title: Animate Yourself! Using Tellagami to Present Research Findings
Digital Tool: Tellagami
Digital Tool Description: Tellagami is an online learning resource and iPad or Google app that lets the user create and share a quick animated message. Students will customize a character, choose a setting, record their voice or type a message for their character to say, save it, and share it with the world!

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Title: Electric ABCs
Digital Tool: Tagxedo
Digital Tool Description: Tagxedo makes word clouds in the shape you select or upload. In this activity, Tagxedo will be used as an incentive to practice, review, and use vocabulary. The end result will also be a learning display.

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Title: Who's who in Alabama history?
Digital Tool: BioCube graphic organizer
Digital Tool Description: The BioCube graphic organizer contains questions that can be used to guide students as they research information about influential Alabamians.

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