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Title: Illustrating Favorite Events with Doodle Splash
Digital Tool: Doodle Splash
Digital Tool Description: Doodle Splash teaches students to visualize what they are reading and to create graphic symbols to help them develop as readers. Doodle Splash interactive allows students to make connections between their visual designs and the text. (Description provided by Doodle Splash)

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Title: Become a Sailor in the 19th Century
Digital Tool: A Sailor's Life for Me- Interactive Game
Digital Tool Description: A Sailor's Life for Me is an interactive game to help teach students what life was like aboard a 19th century sailing ship.  Students must answer a series of questions to see if they could be sailors, they must purchase their clothing, and survive the voyage.

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Title: Functional Text: It's All Around Me
Digital Tool: Answer Garden World Cloud Tool
Digital Tool Description: This digital resource allows the each student in the class to list examples of functional text in order to create a class word cloud.

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Title: Sticky Note Storyboarding
Digital Tool: Kids' Vid: Storyboarding Tool
Digital Tool Description: Kid Vid Storyboarding Tool allows students to create an outline of a book or video by generating the general premise for each.

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