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Title: Mylo - French, German, Spanish & Chinese
Digital Tool: Mylo
Digital Tool Description: This digital learning asset provides mini lessons to introduce, reinforce or assess vocabulary and grammar for various languages. Mylo provides a way for students to listen, respond and write in the target language on a variety of topics.

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Title: The Avoir Song
Digital Tool: The Avoir Song
Digital Tool Description: This is a short musical video to help students remember the present conjugations of the verb avoir (to have) in French.

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Title: Spanish Jeopardy
Digital Tool: Capitulo 1 Jeopardy
Digital Tool Description: This activity can be used anytime of the school year as a fun way to assist students and motivate them to know the correct pronunciation, spelling, and definition of given vocabulary words in any chapter of your Spanish book. The activity is a unique way to review the Spanish language vocabulary and/or verb conjugations in a learning environment that will promote team work and individual thinking skills.

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